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28 day therapy plan

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The 28 Day Skin plan is a 15 minute daily routine that eliminates the acne forming process, alleviates symptoms and reveals a consistently clear, happy complexion. We provide you with everything you need to tackle your breakouts every four weeks.

Skin constantly regenerates itself. New skin cells move from the base layer (where these new cells are born) to the surface at the end of a cycle that takes 28 days on average. Almost all over-the-counter cosmetics only make an impact on the outer "dead layer" layer of your skin. Dead skin cells cannot be revived. To tackle skin problems you need to affect the skin cells as they are born. To see the results of a new treatment you need to consistently use a product for at least 28 days. This gives enough time for these new cells to be visible at your skins surface.

The 28 Day Skin plan uses a unique combination of technology, skincare and nutritional supplements that are each clinically proven to reduce acne formation and alleviate acne symptoms.


The daily routine is simple and can fit easily within your existing skincare: eat, treat, repair, repeat.


The symptoms of acne and problem skin are seen on the surface but the source of problem skin is almost always found within. If our body does not have the necessary building blocks to help regulate hormones and inflammation response, break outs will always continue to reoccur no matter what treatments we use on the outside. Clinical evidence has shown that acne sufferers are often deficient in certain key nutrients. By supplementing with the  28 Day Skin One Pill  in combination with the complimentary 28 Day Skin Therapy treatments the severity of your acne can be reduced or eliminated altogether.


A key part of  acne formation  is over produced skin oil (sebum) clogging our pores which become the perfect breeding ground for P.Acnes bacteria. Our immune system reacts to the infection and acne develops.  


Our  28 Day Skin Exfoliating Serum  contains Salicylic acid which removes built-up dead skin cells on the surface and clears blocked pores.



Our  28 Day Skin Phototherapy device  gently oscillates the skin's surface to help clear pores while delivering a highly effective dose of bacteria-eliminating blue light, which is clinically proven to eliminate acne without the use of harsh chemicals.

A second stage red light (provided to you in treatment package two) warms the skin, increasing blood circulation to assist the removal of toxins and promote skin repair.


Our skin is a delicate and complex organ that must be kept in continuous balance. Many cosmetic ingredients disrupt this delicate mantle, killing helpful bacteria and unbalancing sebum production to create the perfect conditions for acne to develop. 

 28 Day Skin Repair Serum  is packed with active ingredients in an aloe base to calm redness, reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion while balancing visible aspects of sebum activity resulting in a much smoother, happier and more radiant complexion.



Moisturise with your preferred moisturiser.

We recommend using a moisturiser with an included high SPF of 15 or higher or using a separate sun screen.


Repeat the 28 Day program every day, preferably at the same time.


Between sessions keep a note in your  28 Day Skin skin journal  on how your treatments are progressing - this will help you identify acne triggers. 

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