Why we do what we do

Our simple skin philosophy - treat the acne formation chain as a whole.

Our approach to fighting acne is simple: help the body have everything it needs to have healthier skin on the inside and do everything we can to make acne less likely on the outside.  We do this by removing the environment acne-causing bacteria can thrive in (blocked pores), reducing the level of any acne-causing bacteria that persists, repairing the skin barrier and supporting the ‘good’ skin bacteria that helps keep skin strong and fight infection.

We work every day towards ending the 8th most common disease worldwide. A disease which brings misery to at least one in ten of us in our lifetimes - over 660 million people globally. Acne is seen by many as a condition we have to ‘live with’. Our mission is to help acne sufferers realise there is a solution and their skin can have a new life beyond acne.


Our goal is to help ten million people within the next ten years discover this.

Many conventional treatments use benzoyl peroxide to target the bad bacteria but this also kills the good bacteria. This is much in the same way that antibiotics kill all bacteria in the body, both good and bad. At 28 Day Skin we know microbial balance is key to keeping skin healthy and reducing all the bacteria to very low levels leaves the skin stripped of protection and vulnerable to future infection.


We also recognise the serious downsides of prolonged benzoyl peroxide use. At the very least, it is a powerful generator of free radicals and can seriously accelerate skin ageing. As you might expect, we are against benzoyl peroxide as a treatment for acne.


We use a revolutionary combination of nutritional supplements to boost the body, phototherapy to fight acne at the source and natural skin care ingredients to help repair the skin barrier, support the regrowth of good bacteria while balancing the skins natural oil production. We also strongly advocate living as healthy a lifestyle as possible - although the reasons for acne are many and varied, what you eat and what you do every day can have a major influence on how you look.


We understand your skin and create products that work.


Many skin care formulations and devices promise rapid improvements in skin care, sometimes overnight. We believe treatments which claim to work fast are only treating the symptoms rather than the causes of skin problems and the results are likely to wither just as rapidly. 28 Day Skin tackles each part of the acne formation chain over a period of 12 weeks. Our approach is clinically shown to reduce acne lesions by 33% in 28 days and over 50% in 12 weeks.


Our products contain, on average, 99% pure natural ingredients in their optimal concentrations to deliver truly astonishing results. We do not use harsh, artificial ingredients such as synthetic colours, fragrances, sulphates or parabens. Our products are vegan friendly and cruelty free.


We are continuously innovating solutions to battle acne and other skin problems as effectively as possible.

The 28 Day Skin leadership team

Kevin Herbert
CEO & Founder

Kevin is the CEO and founder of 28 Day skin. A Medical Physics graduate from Cardiff University, Kevin has over 20 years experience in developing many of the top health & beauty products you might commonly use today and has over 20 granted patents in his name.

Jason M. Lysandrides
COO & Co-Founder

Jason has spent a number of years in industry before becoming a partner in a top tier 200 law firm and head of legal for a software technology company. He now acts as General Counsel and Chief Operations Officer for 28 Day skin.

Georgie Davies
Consumer Communication Manager

Georgie joined the 28 day skin team to manage the marketing and communications between customer and scientist. Fantastic at social media, terrible at keeping a straight face in front of the camera.

Dr. Caerwyn Ash 

Medical Consultant 

Cae advises on the development of our skincare products and innovative technologies. After graduating with a PhD in Medical Physics at the at University of Wales, his career has spanned graduating as an associate Professor of Medical Devices and developing skincare products for L'Oreal. Cae has been the lead scientist for multiple clinical studies relating to acne.

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