The 28 Day Skin phototherapy device

The 28 Day Skin Phototherapy device uses clinically proven red and blue high intensity light combined with sonic vibration technology to eliminate acne causing bacteria without disrupting the skin microbiome.

In clinical studies phototherapy was found to be more effective at reducing bacteria levels than commonly used 4% topical benzoyl peroxide. Reducing the levels of acne causing bacteria can help keep breakouts under control.

"The combined dual action dramatically reduces acne causing bacteria and unclogs pores to help heal and eliminate acne lesions"

Helping to heal and eliminate acne lesions whilst preventing future breakouts, the device combines red and blue LED light with sonic vibration to eliminate acne causing bacteria at the source.

  • blue light has been clinically shown to penetrate deep within the skin's surface to eliminate acne causing  bacteria without damaging the surrounding skin;

  • red light has been shown to increase circulation and help boost skin repair by stimulating ATP release in cells;

  • sonic vibration boosts micro-circulation to ease inflammation, helps unblock clogged pores and increases the effectiveness of the 28 Day serum.

  • Interchangeable red and blue light cartridges

  • Recharge the battery from a standard USB cable (included)

  • ​Unlike traditional acne treatments with harsh ingredients that can dry and irritate skin, phototherapy is gentle enough to use every day and reveal a clear, healthy complexion. 

  • Portable for on-the-go convenience, the 10-15 minute treatment will help clear your skin with visible results.

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