Our clinical research

Large multi-centre study of the 28 Day method.
Nutroceutical + exfoliant + blue light + second generation repair serum
Scheduled start date January 2020

Clinical study by Dr Ash on exfoliant + blue light + first generation serum
A Randomised Controlled Study for theTreatment of Acne Vulgaris using HighIntensity 414nm Solid State Diode Arrays. January 2015

Independent clinical studies on on zinc and acne

Independent clinical studies on on green tea and acne

Independent clinical studies on probiotics and acne 

Independent clinical studies on vitamin D and acne.

Independent clinical studies on salicylic acid and acne

Independent clinical studies on blue light and acne

Independent clinical studies on blue & red light and acne

Independent clinical studies on niacinamide and acne

Independent clinical studies on each of the component parts of the 28 Day Skin 12 week plan in isolation.

The Clinical Pyramid

It has taken us over four years of research to develop the 28 Day Skin treatment method. Our innovative approach to tackling the entire acne forming chain is based on the science on the acne rather than trending ingredients and our patent pending combination of nutrition, technology and topicals is unique in the world of acne treatment.

Every element of the 28 Day Skin approach is supported by independent robust clinical evidence. The combination of topicals and blue light phototherapy was the center of a groundbreaking clinical study by our medical consultant Dr Caerwyn Ash. We call this body of scientific evidence our clinical pyramid.

Our research is ongoing however and we are currently recruiting for a large multi-center study commencing in January 2020 to investigate the efficacy of our neutroceutical one pill combined with our exfoliating serum, blue/red light phototherapy and our innovative second generation repair serum. If you would like to apply to join our latest clinical study please email clinical@28dayskin.com


You can view all of the supporting clinical evidence for the 28 day skin clinical pyramid here.  

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