How 28 Day Skin works 

The reason you have acne is unique to you, but the way your acne forms is common to everyone. 

Acne forms in a series of events called the acne formation chain. Each event in the chain is like a domino - as it falls it causes the next event in the chain and so on until your skin erupts in a full on break-out.

Treating single events in the chain will only delay the onset of another break-out, not prevent it. This is why many treatments fail, because they only treat one part of the chain

Our patent pending 28 Day Skin therapy plan approaches the whole of the acne forming chain to resolve acne.

Using a clinically proven combination of photo-therapeutic technology, exfoliating and repair serums and our One Pill nutritional supplement  28 Day Skin alleviates symptoms while eliminating the root causes of your acne over 12 weeks.

 The 12 week plan 

How it works

Your skin recovers and builds in three cycles of 28 days. Each cycle of repair has different needs for your skin to recover and repair itself fully.  

The 28 Day Skin plan is supplied in three unique treatment packages which are supplied direct to your door every four weeks. Each package is complete with everything your skin needs to tackle your acne for the next four weeks - skincare + technology + nutrition.


28 Day Skin is easy to follow and will fit within your existing skincare routine.
All you have to do is follow the 
daily program

Click here to learn more about your first 12 weeks on your 28 Day Skin plan.

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