Giving, Good & Green - our business ethos

GIVING: For every product sold that helps someone overcome their acne on the outside, a little bit goes to help someone else overcome their problem with acne on the inside

Acne isn't just on the surface. Acne is a whirlwind that can rob anyone of their confidence and make them feel anxious and depressed. Everyday activities that many of us take for granted such as going to the shops, working with people or even just looking in the mirror, can become an uphill self-conscious struggle. Scientific research overwhelmingly demonstrates the negative effect that acne has on the quality of life of individuals with acne. Research has consistently shown that severe acne increases the incidence of depression, anxiety, bullying and suicide.

We want to do our bit to help so we give to charities which help people who suffer from depression. So, for every product that helps someone overcome their acne on the outside, a little bit goes to help someone else overcome their problem with acne on the inside.

GOOD: We're all in this together

We design all of our own products in our in-house laboratory so we can completely control what goes into our products. 

Our ethos is to give your skin only the products it needs. The products supplied with our 28 Day Skin plan are alcohol & oil free, silicon free and free from petroleum, mineral oils, parabens, sulphates, diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), silicon derived emolients, and fragrances. All of our products are Vegetarian friendly, cruelty free and never ever tested on animals. We are currently working towards a full vegan free range.


GREEN: There's no planet B and so everything we produce is focused on reducing, reusing & recycling.

Our offices, warehouse and laboratory are based in the Gloucestershire countryside and so we are very aware how our actions affect the environment around us.


Our entire business from the ground-up has been designed to adopt the ethos of reduce, reuse, recycle.

 Reducing  We designed our products to minimize the amount of non-reusable plastics and are working to remove more. Almost all cosmetic containers use some plastic to help keep products fresh and safe so removing 100% of non-reusable plastic isn't always possible but we're working to get as close as that as possible.


 Reusing  We've designed our products to be modular so that you can store your new treatments in the same outer cartons as the old. All of our products are sent with a stamped return label for you to send (for free) all our old packaging back to us. We wash and sterilize any reusable bottles and send any applicators to a recycling facility. We pulp the outer mailing cartons and send this to our local hedgehog hospital to make homes for hedgehogs.  

 Recycling  Wherever possible we source from recyclable sources and design our products to use as many recyclable materials as possible.


You can view our current corporate responsibility policy here:

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