28 Day Skin is a revolutionary yet simple 15 minute therapy programme that eliminates acne-causing bacteria at the source to clear pimples, restore the skins natural balance and help prevent breakouts.


Solving acne means stopping the source of acne as well as treating the syptoms. 28 Day Skin Therapy provides a full programme to help reduce acne over a 28 day period using a unique combination of proprietary technology, active dermatological ingredients and nutritional supplements.


28 Day Skin is clinically proven to reduced mild to moderate acne severity be 33% in 28 days and over 50% in 12 weeks without the harsh side effects of commonly used Benzoyl Peroxide.


A simple 15 minute daily routine eliminates the acne forming process and alleviates break out symptoms. 
The daily routine is simple: eat, treat and moisturise.


  • Eat - The symptoms of acne and problem skin are seen on the surface but the source of problem skin is almost always found within. If our body does not have the necessary building blocks to help regulate hormones and inflammation response, break outs will always continue to reoccur no matter what treatments we use on the outside. Clinical evidence has shown that acne sufferers are often deficient in certain key nutrients. By supplementing these nutrients in combination with 28 Day Skin phototherapy the severity of your acne can be reduced or eliminated altogether.


  • Treat - Acne formation starts with over produced skin oil (sebum) clogging your pores which become the perfect breeding ground for 'bad' acne causing bacteria. Your immune system reacts to the infection and acne develops. To fight acne we must unclog blocked pores and eliminate the bad bacteria. 28 Day skin therapy contains a pre-treatment exfoliating liquid which removes built-up dead skin cells on the surface and clears blocked pores and our proprietary phototherapy device which delivers a highly effective dose of bacteria-eliminating light, proven to eliminate acne while simultaneously oscillating the skin's surface to improve the immune response and clear pores.


  • Moisturise - Our skin is a delicate and complex organ that must be kept in continuous balance. Many acne fighting ingredients disrupt the skins delicate balance, killing helpful bacteria and imbalancing sebum production creating a perfect breeding ground for bad acne causing bacteria to grow.  28 Day Skin contains a promoisturiser to calm redness, fade post-break out marks, balance sebum production and promote the growth of good skin bacteria to help prevent future outbreaks. The result is a balanced skin mantle and a much smoother, healthier and more radiant complexion.


A new skin routine is the sum of your habits. We provide all of users with access to our 28 day therapy programme to help identify, manage and resolve acne issues as they arise. The programme has been developed to provide the three R's of habit forming change - Remind, Routine, Reward - and will help you develop and manage a skin care routine that will keep you in control of your acne; avoid outbreak triggers and give you skin that looks the way you'll love.


28 Day Skin Therapy

  • We're so confident that you'll love your new skin that if after following the 28 Day Skin Therapy program for 28 days you are not not delighted with your clear, calm, healthy skin, send your 28 Day Skin Therapy back for a full refund.


    • 28 Day Skin Phototherapy device including red & blue light cartridges
    • 28 Day Skin Exfoliating Liquid (10ml)
    • 28 Day Skin Promoisturiser (50ml)


    • Evening Primrose Oil  Supplements 1000mg (60)
    • Zinc Gluconate Supplements 50mg (60)
    • Green Tea Supplements 850mg (60)
    • Multi-strain Probiotic Capsules 230mg (60)


    • Access to our 28 day therapy programme to help you identify, manage and resolve acne issues as they arise.

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