28 Day Skin Pore Protect Promoisturiser

28 day skin Promosituriser is specifically formulated to fight the acne formation chain and provide deep down moisturising. Active ingredients control sebum production and balance the skins natural bacterial population, antioxidant vitamins A, C and E reduce inflammation, calm redness while sodium hyaluronate combines with AHA fruit acids to fade acne scar marks and encourage new skin cell regrowth. It is paraben, sulphate and sythnethic fragrance free​, vegan friendly and cruelty free.

"The combined dual action of balancing sebum production and feeding the skins 'good' bacteria helps balance the skin ecosystem and reduce the occurrence of future blemishes."

Balancing our skins sebum production

Sebum is an oily substance produced by our skin's sebaceous glands. Sebum reduces water loss from the skin surface and protects the skin from infection by bacteria and fungi. It is an essential component of our skins function but under circumstances our sebacious glands can produce too much sebum, which sticks to sloughed skin and clogs pores. This can lead to inflammation and acne.

28 Day Skin 'Pore Protect' promoisturiser contains Epilobium Fleischeri extract - a rare Alpine plant which helps balance sebum production and decrease inflammation. Epilobium Fleischeri contains a high quantity of Oenothein B and flavonoids - clinically shown to decrease pro-inflammatory cytokines and reduce sebum production by 56% as well as significantly decreasing visible pore size.

How 28 day skin pure pore promoisturiser regulates sebum

Sebum production is regulated in the sebaceous glands by androgen hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). An enzyme called 5α-reductase activates these and other less active hormones to begin the production of sebum. Oenothein B inhibits the activity of 5α-reductase and balances sebum production.

Balancing our skins microbiome

Our skin is its own ecosystem and hosts a microbiome of approximately 1 billion bacteria per square centimetre of bacteria, fungi and viruses, most of which are harmless or even beneficial to us and help with everything from wound healing to immune protection. Studies have shown that 'good' bacteria educate our own skin cells to make our own antibiotics, and they produce their own antibiotics that kill off bad bacteria. Maintaining a balanced microbiome is critical for skin health.

A study released in 2017 revealed that in acne patients, skin microbiome bacteria are less "balanced" than in people with non-acne skin. Part of the acne forming chain is the unbalanced growth of 'bad' bacteria P.acnes within a pore which leads to inflammation and pimples.


28 Day Skin Promoisturiser contains the prebiotics Inulin and Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide which feed beneficial bacteria but cannot be prossed by P.acnes bacteria. This allows the beneficial bacteria to compete with P.acnes and restore and maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria on your skin.

"12 acne fighting & skin protecting ingredients in one moisturiser."

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