Your guide to your 12 weeks on 28 Day Skin

What to expect as your skin adjusts to your 28 day treatment plan and how to make your life and skin happier

Your journey to accomplishing anything in life without acne holding you back starts here. In 12 weeks your skin should be significantly clearer than it is today. We cannot say your skin will be perfect but we can say you will have made a lot of progress, with less intense breakouts, happening less often. Behind the scenes your body will have began balancing out the reasons for your acne forming and on the surface your skin will be looking happily radiant with smaller less congested pores, less redness, less inflammation and less pimples. 

This guide is a quick summary of your 12 weeks with 28 day skin.  We will be with you every step of the way on your journey with daily video's, guides and tips. As a 28 Day Skin subscriber you will also be able to join in our members-only community so we can all help support each other no matter where we are in our journey.

First two weeks

Our ethos is keeping things simple - just eat, treat, repair and then moisturise.


Your first two weeks with 28 Day Skin should be about stripping your skin routine to its absolute basics. Often the products we use in our routine tackle the same part of the acne forming chain and cause more harm than good which can lead to irritation and more clogged pores. By keeping it simple we give our skin chance to balance and repair.


Our exfoliating serum is strong enough to unblock congested pores but gentle enough to not further damage the delicate skin mantle, while our phototherapy light can reduce the levels of acne causing bacteria without the need for harsh chemicals or prescription strength creams and our repair serum is packed with skin friendly actives to repair the damage your skin may have. We help your skin inside too - our One Pill supplement contains everything your skin needs to build a foundation of healthy skin.

TIP: The first week is also the key time to hook your 28 Day Skin regime into your existing routine to help form your new habit. If your a night owl follow the steps below as they are, but if your more of a morning lark switch them round. The key is to find what works for you so it's easier to stick with it. We provide a skin journal with every subscription to help you map your progress to identify triggers and find out what works for you. Plus don't forget that all important selfie to help you record how your skin is progressing.

For the first fourteen days we recommend the following:

When you wake up - cleanse your face with water or a recommended cleanser, moisturise and apply sunscreen (SPF 30). Then take your One Pill supplement with your breakfast. 

When you get ready for bed - cleanse your face with water or a recommended cleanser, apply your 28 Day Skin exfoliating serum, watch our daily video on your phone while you treat your face with our phototherapy unit, apply your 28 Day repair serum, moisturise. Drink some water, fill out your skin journal for the day and get some sleep - beauty sleep is super important for happy skin.


Every other day we recommend skipping the exfoliating serum if you have very sensitive skin to help give the skin time to recover between treatments. Even if your skin isn't overly sensitive, give it a break from the exfoliating serum once every 7 days. 

TIP: During your first week you might experience some mild irritation if you have very sensitive skin - usually presenting as temporary dryness, increased localised breakouts, redness, mild itching, or mild stinging. This happens because the actives are hard at work unclogging pores and this will pass . To help ease these symptoms try leaving your skin a little longer between washing/cleansing and applying the exfoliating serum - wet skin absorbs actives more rapidly than dry skin and this can lead to minor irritation. You can also apply a thin layer of moisturiser before using the exfoliating serum to help buffer the skin and reduce the likelihood of irritation. If you have any minor irritation write it in your journal alongside what you did to reduce it - this will help you develop a working skin regime for your skin. 


We are here to help if you are concerned with how your skin is reacting and you can contact us at anytime for advice. 

Every 7th day, take a break from your exfoliating serum and fill out the weekly summary in your skin journal - skin changes slowly this will help you recap what's working for you and whats not when you look back later in your 12 week plan.

Watch our videos - every week we'll send you tailored videos for your skin journey. As well as help you time your treatments using our phototherapy light they'll also help you understand and address the underlying "lifestyle" causes of diet, environment and stress which can contribute towards acne formation. 

Third and fourth week

The third and fourth week is the simple daily program of eat, treat, repair and repeat. 


Your skin should now have better adjusted to the 28 Day program and you can increase the frequency of exfoliant serum application if you have sensitive skin - remember to increase gradually, look to see how your skin reacts and always take a break every 7th day.

What should you expect your skin to look like now? Clinically, we have found most users have a reduction in inflammatory pimples of about 20- 40% by week four.


Everyone's skin is individual and by week four some may have better results, some may have no real improvement and some may have worse, with the skin breaking out.

Breakouts -at three weeks some patients start to experience the dreaded purge phase of treatment (this can happen anywhere between week 1 and week 3). Purging is completely normal, and doesn't happen to everyone. If it does happen it can take a few weeks to clear (typically between week 2 and week 8). Purging happens because as well as our exfoliant serum unclogging pores it also increases the rate at which new cells are made and this can mean an adjustment period for the skin, when you may see temporary breakouts. Most people find their skin dramatically improves post purging.

No improvement -everything in skin takes time. Your acne didn't appear overnight and it won't disappear overnight either. Skin cycles in roughly periods of four weeks and it can take a number of skin cycles for active ingredients to really have an affect. Many patients don't begin to see real visible improvement until weeks 6 to 8 so keep going, underneath the skin is changing and clear skin is on its way.


Irritation -some minor irritation shouldn't be a worry unless it continues for more than two weeks - try our tips above if you are experiencing any irritation and feel free to contact us for advice. 

Reintroduce -by week three you can start to reintroduce some of your old products back into your regime. But take it one at a time, record it in your journal and give each three days before introducing the next. If your skin flares up, stop using that product and record that too. Remember less is more with skincare - do you really need two products tackling the same part of the acne forming chain?

Record - update your skin journal every day and write a quick summary every 7 days. Consistency is key because having a complete record will allow you to look back and identify triggers relating to diet, lifestyle and stress. Am I sensitive to dairy? If I record when I consume dairy and the state of my skin for the next 7 days afterwards I can see. Likewise for sugar, Doritos and bad relationship choices.

Celebrate -the end of your first 28 days is a chance to celebrate - even if you haven't experienced dramatic improvement the 28 Day Skin regime is hard at work on the skin underneath. Most patients will begin to see visible improvement in the next two weeks so stick with it. Happy skin is really close. Take a selfie, complete your journal, and share your progress or cheer on others as they fight their own battles in your members only community. 

Look out for the post man as your next treatment package will be arriving by the end of week 4. Its designed to fit through your postbox so you won't need to wait in.

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