Your guide to your 12 weeks on 28 Day Skin

What to expect as your skin adjusts to your 28 day treatment plan and how to make your life and skin happier

Weeks 5 to 8

Weeks 5 to 8 is where we kick your skin repair up a gear. Your treatment package contains a new set of One Pill supplements, a new exfoliating serum, a new repair serum and a red light cartridge for your phototherapy unit. We've designed our packages to fit perfectly inside your first treatment drawer box and you can send back to us your old boxes and used product for recycling (we make homes for hedgehogs with some of it).

During weeks 6 to 8 you still follow the simple daily program of eat, treat, repair and repeat. After, you finish your blue light treatment switch the light cartridge to the new red light and repeat. Then apply the repair serum. The red light is at a frequency and power clinically shown to reduce inflammation and lower the production of skin oil from your sebaceous glands as well as further reduce the levels of acne causing bacteria.

Remember to take a break from exfoliating every 7 days and recording your daily events in your skin journal. Look back for clues to help you flag triggers and build a happy skin lifestyle.

Week 8 is often the turning point and most patients see a dramatic improvement in their skin which follows on through to week 12 providing you stick with your 28 Day Skin routine. Take that all important selfie, write in your journal, share your success and battles online, relax and celebrate how far you've progressed. Progress always trumps perfection.

Your next treatment package will arrive in the post by the end of week 8. 

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